It’s not all about houses here…

Let’s talk about food for a minute.  You see, in the REALTOR® world we are always go go go!  I find myself forgetting to eat lunch some days,  other days I am too tired to cook when I get home so I cruise through a drive through, grab a super healthy burger and scarf it down on my way home.  Unhealthy?  Yep.  Time to make a change?  You bet.  I decided to reach out to a friend who is a super healthy working mom that follows a Paleo and Whole30 diet, and get this, her hubby and kids do too!  She recommended that I pick up the book “It Starts With Food” so, I did.  This weekend I will be cleaning out my cabinets, creating a meal plan and diving in head first.  This is going to be a tough habit for me to break, those that know me know that my absolute favorite “food” is candy.  Have you switched to the “clean eating” lifestyle?  I would love to hear your experiences!



One thought on “It’s not all about houses here…

  1. Edna Carter

    How does this differ from paleo? Did you know there is a place in SW Champaign, across from Jupiter’s – Prep, Freeze, Cook – where you can pick up prepared (fresh or frozen) and some of their entrees are paleo.


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