Mom’s Day Pinterest Gifting…

Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope you all had a chance to enjoy this beautiful day. If your mom is anything like mine, there is nothing that you can possibly gift her that would be big enough to say “Thanks for Everything.” This year I decided to go the Pinterest route and make her something she would enjoy. Now, I’ve been successful with my last few Pinterest projects.  Cake Pops. ✔️ Rehab Bathroom Cabinets. ✔️ Complete Home Office Makeover. ✔️ Yep, that too. So, here I am thinking “I’ve got this, I’m going to make some bath bombs.” I get on amazon and order the citric acid and cute little silicon molds for shaped bombs. Everything arrives Friday and I’m all set to get down to business. I follow the instructions and… Okay, maybe that recipe wasn’t just right, so I try again…and another fail. I was just about to admit defeat and scrap the idea when I decided to give one more recipe a try. Finally, someone who speaks my language and spells out precise instructions step by step. It’s all about the process and MuffinChanel nailed it. So, if you’re ever in the mood to make yourself some bath bombs, don’t even bother with the other recipes, and just click here.


this is what I was going for


yep, looks about right.




the end result.



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