The REALTOR® Journey, Twenty Months In

Almost two years ago I took a huge leap.  I left a salaried position with regular hours, insurance benefits, sick leave, vacation time and all the perks of “corporate America” to take a dive into a career with an income based 100% on production.  I had no idea what I was doing.  I was freshly licensed and scared to death.  Most people don’t realize what it means to be a REALTOR®.  They see fancy cars, billboards and big paychecks for “just selling a house”.  But, what they do not see is the irregular hours, working around the clock, the research we put into finding the perfect home for our clients and all the work that goes on “behind the scenes” when listing a home. There have certainly been obstacles along the way, but I love my career more and more everyday.  In 2015 I was awarded the Champaign County Association of REALTORS ® R.O.O.K.I.E of the Year,  Alex Ruggieri invited me on his Central Illinois Business Radio Show to talk about my career.  Twenty months and close to thirty transactions into this career, I know I am right where I am supposed to be.



Max McComb 2015 REALTOR® of the Year & Kristen Long 2015 R.O.O.K.I.E. of the Year


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